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Your SEO Company Is Full Of Shit

I’ll start off by telling you something you probably already know, “Your SEO Company Is Full of Shit”.  How do I know that?  Well, you’re here for one thing.  Would you be here if you were 100% satisfied with your current SEO company?  Probably not.  See, the dirty little truth that nobody wants you to know is that while SEO is a very real and powerful entity, very few people know a thing about how to do it… anymore.  You see, a Unscrupulous SEOdecade ago search engine optimization was easy.  Any tech savvy individual with a modicum of brainpower could figure out and manipulate the rankings however they chose.  The problem is, most of them decided to immediately label themselves SEO experts but haven’t learned a thing since.  Unfortunately, instead of shedding the label, they’ve become salespeople using technical words in order to talk circles around you with the ultimate goal of getting to your wallet.  The services they perform, the same one’s they’ve been performing for a decade now.  SEO has changed and if you’re using old SEO, you’re doing more harm than good to your website.  Believe it or not, some of the more unscrupulous SEO companies out there will actually take your money and proceed to do literally nothing.  The unfortunate part, sometimes this is better than having bad SEO performed on your site.

So, how do you know if your SEO company in particular is full of shit?  Have they delivered the results they promised within the time-frame they initially assured you of?  I doubt it.  Most likely you’ve called them up and asked why you haven’t seen the results you were expecting and received a response such as “it takes 3-4 months just for the search engines to recognize the actions we’ve taken” or one of my favorites “we don’t control Google”.  Hmmmm… you don’t control Google?  I believe that when you title yourself an SEO expert, you are asserting that you have a certain degree of control of the search engine rankings produced by Google.  If you don’t, what exactly is it that you’re being paid for.  My advice, if you’ve heard either of these… GET OUT IMMEDIATELY.

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Michael DeLuca, aka Rank High Guy, began indulging in his fascination with search engine optimization in 1998 while a student at West Virginia University. Though much more simple in those days, DeLuca remained ahead of the curve by anticipating future algorithm changes and therefore building unique strategies. These search engine optimization strategies were used to bring dozens of sites to the top of both Google and Yahoo search rankings.