Social Media Marketing

Marketing via social media is essential in gaining a better web presence by increasing your organic search results and increasing traffic to your site. In recent years, social media has exploded and become a vital part of our everyday lives. Because social media has become such a prevelant part of our lives, it is important to use these resources to market your business. This is where Rank High Guy comes in. Our experts post targeted and specific content for you to reach your customers effectively.

The other part of Social Media Marketing that most people overlook is that each connection you make online creates an exponentially larger “network” of consumers seeing your content. For each customer you connect with online, you’re gaining outreach to everyone connected to said customer’s network. Which as I’m sure you can see now, creates incredibly large exposure for your business. And of course, More Exposure = More Money.

We’ll Market Your Business On:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • …and many other Social Media networks

Social Media Package – $895

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About Us

Michael DeLuca, aka Rank High Guy, began indulging in his fascination with search engine optimization in 1998 while a student at West Virginia University. Though much more simple in those days, DeLuca remained ahead of the curve by anticipating future algorithm changes and therefore building unique strategies. These search engine optimization strategies were used to bring dozens of sites to the top of both Google and Yahoo search rankings.