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“Content Is King”… More Garbage From Hack SEO “Experts”

When it comes to SEO, a new day is here and while many will tell you that “content is king”, I’m hear to tell you… that’s a bunch of BS.  This terrific content means nothing SEO content is not kingif it goes unnoticed; and it will go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a perfect mix of both on-site and offsite SEO.  Many people are surprised to hear me tell them that over 90% of quality search engine optimization has absolutely nothing to do with what is on your site itself.  There are numerous external factors, including high quality links, social signals, citations, and more that bring your site to the top of the rankings.  Now, this doesn’t mean that quality on-site optimization isn’t a necessity.  It is certainly the foundation for acquiring natural links and encouraging consumer engagement.  All the links in the world won’t help rank a page that isn’t relevant.  But once that on site optimization has been completed, the real magic begins through offsite SEO.

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Michael DeLuca, aka Rank High Guy, began indulging in his fascination with search engine optimization in 1998 while a student at West Virginia University. Though much more simple in those days, DeLuca remained ahead of the curve by anticipating future algorithm changes and therefore building unique strategies. These search engine optimization strategies were used to bring dozens of sites to the top of both Google and Yahoo search rankings.